The Florence G. Heller Professional Award

The Board of Directors of JCC Association established the Florence G. Heller Professional Award on January 21, 1968, to honor the memory of its president and beloved leader, Mrs. Florence G. Heller. This award is presented at each JCC Association Biennial Convention to a JCC professional.


  1. The recipient’s contribution shall stem directly from a professional career in agencies or programs directly related to JCC Association.
  2. The award shall recognize contributions that enrich the totality and breadth of professional practice and knowledge.
  3. Current members of the JCC Association staff shall not be eligible for the award.
  4. Only one award shall be made in connection with each JCC Association Biennial Convention.
  5. The award shall not be given posthumously.

The Nomination

A select committee chooses the Florence G. Heller Award recipient. We invite nominations for the award from the JCC field. Nominations should be submitted between September 1 and December 13, 2015, using the online form below:

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Questions about the Florence G. Heller Award should be addressed to:
Wendy Seligson
tel: (212) 786-5082

Deadline for nominations is November 15, 2015.

Past Winners

For distinguished professional service within JCC Association’s fields of work.

1968 Miriam R. Ephraim
1970 Irving Brodsky
1972 Sanford Solender
1974 Emanuel Berlatsky
1976 Louis Smith
1978 Herbert Millman
1980 William Kahn
1982 Abe Vinik
1984 William Grossman
1986 Murry Shapiro
1988 William Budd
1990 Bernard T. Rosen
1992 Samuel I. Sorin
1994 Bessie Pine
1996 Art Rotman
1998 Jack Boeko
2000 Burt Garr
2002 Zev Hymowitz
2004 Jerry Wische
2006 Lewis Stolzenberg
2008 Avrum Cohen
2008 Solomon Greenfield
2010 Arlene Barron
2012 Louis (Buddy) Sapolsky
2014 Alan Mark Mann