The Frank L. Weil Awards

Paula Sidman, the 2016 Frank L. Weil Award for Distinguished Contribution to the JCC Field Recipient

Paula_SidmanPaula L. Sidman is the immediate past chair of Jewish Community Centers of North America and a past vice president of the World Confederation of Jewish Community Centers. She has serve as president of the Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston and is an honorary board member of the Mandel Jewish Community Center of the Palm Beaches. Paula is a member of the JCC Association executive committee, chair of the governance committee and is a member of the FRD task force.

She is the treasurer of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), serves on the executive committee and board, and chairs its strategic finance committee. Paula is a member of the JDC audit committee, human resources committee and the officers cabinet.

Paula serves on the Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) of Greater Boston board of directors and chairs its real estate committee. She is also a member of its budget and allocations committee.

She is a founding board member and past chair of the New Center for Arts and Culture, envisioned by her late husband, Edwin N. Sidman, as a legacy for the greater Boston Jewish community.

She is a past board member of the Dana Farber Cancer Center and a past co-chair of the visiting committee for the Gastrointestinal Cancer Center. In addition, she is a member of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital President’s Advisory Council.

In 2001, Paula was awardee the Alexis de Tocqueville Society Award for community service, leadership and commitment by the United Way of Massachusetts Bay.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Boston University and a master’s degree in education from Boston State College. Paula has two grown children, Hope and Matthew, a daughter-in-law, Lori, and four grandchildren, Lily, Ethan, Danielle and Eli.

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Richard Edelman, the 2016 Frank L. Weil Award for the Advancement of Jewish Culture in North America Recipient

Richard Edelman, raised in Davenport, Iowa and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, shares a birth date, May 14, 1948, with the state of Israel. A 1970 graduate in engineering and philosophy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he was a leader in the movement to bar war research from campus. After graduation he founded Hovey Street Press in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which became the leading anti-war publisher. Richard’s two early books of poetry had introductions by Denise Levertov, a recognized, award-winning poet, essayist, editor, translator, and educator.

After a career in the steel business, primarily in Chicago as founder of Essex Trading Company, a decade ago, Richard became a sculptor. He has created numerous installations both public and private throughout the United States and now in Europe with Shofar Kraków, Call of Return, 2015. His varied work ranges from traditional representational bronzes to large-scale abstract stainless steel fabrications. Richard’s Immediate goals include additional installations of large scale shofars of remembrance in Central and Eastern Europe. Currently he is creating a sculpture for the Edmond J. Safra Science Campus of Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Richard and Nina Edelman have four children and reside in Milwaukee and Manhattan.

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About the The Frank L. Weil Awards

JCC Association established the Frank L. Weil Awards in 1950 in the name of our leader who served with brilliant distinction as president of JWB from 1940 to 1950. These biennial awards recognize distinguished contributions to the three areas of JCC Association’s work: the Jewish Community Center field, the armed services field, and the advancement of North American Jewish education and culture.

Past Winners of the Frank L. Weil Awards

For Distinguished Contribution to the Jewish Community Center Field

1951 Louis Kraft, New York, NY
1952 Gertrude Glogower, Detroit, MI
1953 Florence G. Heller, Chicago, IL
1954 Joseph Goldstein, Rochester, NY
1955 Michael A. Stavitsky, Newark, NJ
1956 Jack Nadel, New York, NY
1957 Louis Stern, Newark, NY
1958 Cecile Sands, New York, NY
1959 Irving Edison, St. Louis, MO
1960 Helen Dalsheimer, Baltimore, MD
1961 Charles Aaron, Chicago, IL
1962 Graenum Berger, New York, NY
1964 Arthur S. Kling, Louisville, NY
1966 Alan J. Altheimer, Chicago, IL
1968 Solomon Litt, New York, NY
1970 Joseph Kruger, South Orange, NJ
1972 Leon Kaplan, Miami, FL
1974 Morton L. Mandel, Cleveland, OH
1976 Isadore E. Millstone, St. Louis, MO
1978 Esther Leah Ritz, Milwaukee, WI
1980 Jesse Feldman, San Francisco, CA
1982 Minnie Nathanson, New York, NY
1984 Leonard Kaplan, Boston, MA
1986 Daniel Rose, New York, NY
1988 Gerald Ostrow, Pittsburgh, PA
1990 Ambassador Leonard Rochwarger, Buffalo, NY
1992 Leonard Rubin, Tenafly, NJ
1994 Harriet Rosenthal, Metro-West, NJ
1996 John M. Wolf, Sr., Pittsburgh, PA
1998 Lester Pollack, New York, NY
2000 Ann P. Kaufman, Houston, TX
2002 Philip M. Shiekman, Philadelphia, PA
2004 Jerome B. Makowsky, Memphis, TN
2006 Ronald L. Leibow, Los Angeles, CA
2008 Edward H. Kaplan, Potomac, MD
2010 Stephen Reiner, New York, NY
2012 Alan P. Solow, Chicago, IL
2014 J. Victor Samuels, Houston, TX

For Distinguished Contribution to the Armed Services Field

1951 Milton Weill, New York, NY
1952 Alice Bachrach, Louisville, KY
1953 Charles W. Morris, Louisville, KY
1954 Col. Jesse C. Colman, San Francisco, CA
1955 Dr. David de Sola Pool, New York, NY
1956 Joseph F. Barr, Washington, DC
1957 Rabbi Joseph H. Lookstein, NY, NY
1958 Chaplain Joshua L. Goldberg, New York, NY
Col. Harry D. Henshell, New York, NY
1959 Rabbi Nathan Witkin, Balboa, Panama Canal Zone
1960 Elinor Bernheim, New York, NY
1961 Rabbi Max D. Davidson, Perth Amboy, NJ
1962 Rabbi Morris Leiberman, Baltimore, MD
1964 Walter D. Heller, San Francisco, CA
1966 Adele Ginzberg, New York, NY
1968 Evelyn & Daniel L. Stone, New York, NY
1970 Benjamin Sternberg, Frankfurt, Germany
1972 Rabbi Israel Miller, New York, NY
1974 Jane Evans, New York, NY
1976 Jacob Goodstein, Metropolitan NJ
1978 Rabbi Emanuel Rackman, Ramat Gan, Israel
1980 Jean Bloustein, New York, NY
1982 N. Brewster Broder, Detroit, MI
1984 Robert L. Adler, Chicago, IL
1986 Rabbi Judah Nadich, New York, NY
1988 Rabbi Herschel Schacter, New York, NY
1990 Norma Ackerman, Long Island, NY
1992 Rabbi Barry H. Greene, Short Hills, NJ
1994 Rabbi Aaron Landes, Elkins Park, PA
1996 Marvin Pertzik, St. Paul, MN
1998 Rabbi Abraham Avrech, Miami, FL
2000 Jack Shaffer, Denver, CO
2002 Ronald L. Leibow, Los Angeles, CA
2008 Rabbi Phillip Silverstein, Columbia, SC
2012 Noreen Gordon Sablotsky, Miami, FL
2014 Senator Carl M. Levin, Detroit, MI

For Distinguished Contribution to the Advancement of Jewish Culture in North America

1951 Dr. Mordecai M. Kaplan, New York, NY
1952 Maurice Samuel, New York, NY
1953 Dr. Oscar I. Janowsky, New York, NY
1954 Dr. Salo W. Baron, New York, NY
1955 Dr. Jacob R. Marcus, Cincinnati, OH
1956 Ernest Bloch, Agate Beach, OR
1957 Dr. Solomon Grayzel, Philadelphia, PA
1958 Dr. Horace M. Kallen, New York, NY
1959 Dr. Harry M. Orlinsky, New York, NY
1960 Dr. A. W. Binder, New York, NY
Halpern Leivick, New York, NY
1961 Dr. Harry A. Wolfson, Cambridge, MA
1962 Prof. Abraham J. Heschel, New York, NY
1964 Dr. Abraham L. Sachar, Waltham, MA
1966 Leonard Bernstein, New York, NY
1968 Lazar Weiner, New York, NY
1970 Rabbi A. Alan Steinbach, Hollywood, FL
1972 Jacques Lipschitz, New York, NY
1974 Dr. William Kolodney, New York, NY
1976 Dore Schary, New York, NY
1978 Saidye Rosner Bronfman, O.B.E., Montreal, Quebec
1980 Janet Lowenstein, Metro NJ
1982 Chaim Gross, New York, NY
1984 Isaac Bashevis Singer, New York, NY
1986 Theodore Bikel, New York, NY
1988 Chaim Potok, Philadelphia, PA
1990 Elie Wiesel, New York, NY
1992 Omus Hirshbein, New York, NY