Baltimore – 2016 Host Community

Download the Host Community Guide for everything you need to know about Baltimore! Plus, show your badge for discounts at select area restaurants and attractions.

JBaltimore Live: Onsite at the Owings Mills JCC

A close look at innovative programs at the JCCs of Greater Baltimore created to embrace new markets, community collaboration and resources. You will see firsthand how the JCC assembled a group of innovators and strategic thinkers who have turned market trends into real programs and driven bottom-line revenue at each of the JCC of Greater Baltimore’s facilities. Ask questions, learn about the programs and learn how you can adapt this information for your JCC.

Opening Our Tent: Serving the Observant Community

Discover how to thoughtfully develop and execute specialized programs and partnerships to showcase how the Baltimore JCC works with Orthodox community. From marketing and hiring with great sensitivity, creating single sex programming and specialized camps for orthodox children, learn how to create an atmosphere of inclusion and respect.

Leveraging the J Brand Beyond our Walls

How do we move beyond the walls of our buildings to serve families with young children, create communal partnerships and provide meaningful Jewish experiences to changing demographics? Explore Got Shabbat, Hands on Holidays, the development of a satellite urban JCC, non-traditional partnerships, interfaith programming and more. Learn about successful and replicable programs including Downtown Baltimore JCC (DBJCC), Got Shabbat Downtown, Hands on Holidays, Chanukah at Hunt Valley Centre, and the Community Block Party.

Forging a Healthcare Alliance to Generate Revenue

With health and wellness options flooding the marketplace, how can a JCC partner with a leading healthcare system to build revenue and leverage our brand? Learn how to develop a profitable relationship and turn a community health system into a lead generator and income producing partnership. How did this develop? What are the steps to making this partnership work?

Creative Cultural Arts Programming to Bolster Jewish Values

It’s more than sell-out shows. A successful cultural arts program can become the essence of the JCC mission and educate, entertain, and elevate your brand. Discover how to work with local governments and schools to position the J as the cornerstone for community arts. From collaboration with leading cultural institutions to creating an immersive Jewish camp experience, see how a cultural arts program can showcase your J’s Jewish values.