Schedule at a Glance

WHAT: JCCs of North America 2016 Biennial Convention
Where we will build on the past to shape the future.

WHEN: Sunday, May 15 – Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WHERE: Baltimore Marriott Waterfront
700 Aliceanna Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 21202, USA.

WHO: Core Delegations
President , incoming president, Immediate past president (advanced
leaders), emerging leaders, and executive director.

JCC board members, especially committee chairs along with senior level
professional managers responsible for fundraising, programs and
marketing, should attend.

HOW: read more inside the Building A Delegation booklet

Launching our Centennial Celebration
Kickoff the 2016-2017 Centennial year.

Keynote Sessions
Featuring high profile speakers providing insights and ideas for your JCCS.

Innovation Labs by Size of City (NEW)
Three convenings by same size of city—conversations to think big.

J Talks: Future JCC leaders in a TED Talk format
Seminars: Three elective learning sessions by outside experts
or JCC professionals.

Track Learning Groups: For core delegates, governance (presidents and
execs) fundraising, marketing and program (NEW) leaders to drill deeper.

Experiential Learning (NEW): Off-site opportunity planned by the JCCs of
Greater Baltimore.

Performance Showcase (NEW): See and hear—and meet—artists who want
to perform or present at your JCC.

J’s Stake House: JCC Association people, practice, innovation, and
resources showcase.

Jewish Learning: Excellent teachers and scholars provide a variety of Jewish
learning experiences.

Exercise (of course!)

Shabbat programming for those who arrive before the Biennial.

Host Community Event at American Visionary Art Museum

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